INVITATION TO EDUCATIONAL GROUPS - In keeping with our non-profit mission, the gallery invites schools, educational and social groups to visit the gallery during off-hours. Artists and Mindfulness Instructors can often be scheduled to give talks and Q/A's. Contact Karl Lindstrom at

To submit a proposal to the Mill & Max gallery for any discipline, please download our form in pdf or doc using a button below. If  you have issues with download, email us at and we'll send you a form.

The Mill & Max Contemplative Arts Gallery at the Lexington Shambhala Community Cultural Center is pleased to invite submissions for all upcoming dates. We will host a wide variety of events, from the full spectrum of arts and culture, that support mindfulness and enlightened society through a contemplative approach; from visual art exhibits (such as photography, sculpture, fiber, etc), to lectures, readings, performances and performance art, movement and bobywork, soft arts, salons, workshops, meetings and happenings.

Our Mission
The Mill & Max Contemplative Arts Gallery is the latest manifestation of the Shambhala Center’s non-profit mission of serving the community by raising awareness about mindfulness, meditation and spirituality. To us, art is not a thing, but an expression of our pure potential. Whether as maker or as audience, art helps us be in the present – much in the same way meditation does. Shambhala’s Mill & Max Gallery provides a multi-use community space to focus on that presence, and to foster engagement with the whole of art and its role in our lives so that we may enliven, awaken, and connect to the world as inspired human beings. 

The Space
Mill & Max is a simple, shoebox-style gallery with a great deal of display window frontage, two restrooms, and a wet-room with a small amount of storage. We strongly urge anyone submitting to first pay us a visit and familiarize themselves with the features of the space. Display pedestals available: 1 pedestal at 40"tall x 24" sq,, 2 pedestals at 40"tall x 18" sq., 2 pedestals at 40"tall x 14" sq., 1 at 40"tall x 12" sq.

Sales and Fees
Gallery participants may sell their works or charge a fee for their event. The gallery will orient the staff to the content and logistics of the works/event to assist with sales and collections. While we are a nonprofit gallery, we respectfully request a pledge agreement from participants for a donation of a portion of the proceeds. Such pledge agreements typically range between 20%-40% of gross. 

The Submission Process
Our Gallery Committee reviews submissions monthly. Submission forms and instructions can be downloaded from our website at

Please note that there may be a greater number of qualified people requesting space or requiring certain calendar dates than can be accommodated by solo exhibitions. If your submission is approved, your show or exhibition may be jointly with one or more other artists.  For joint shows, the Committee tries to choose applicants who are artistically compatible. Also, Mill & Max is a multi-use space, thus there may be activities and performances scheduled while items are also on exhibit.