innerseXXion : a collaborative exhibit by Peggy S. Coots, Nick Guagliardo, Jessica Whittington, and Caleb Williams. 
"XX" is the scientific notation for human female chromosomal DNA . Four emerging artists, two female and two male, come together in this group show to explore what "XX" means to them. Innersection commonly describes the inbetween, where ideas and concepts crossover.  However, with these four artists, we see different interpertations of femininity.  Whittington often  questions contemporary roles of the female in marriage and home.  Guagliardo's scupltures bring together man-made objects and those made by mother nature with an elegance and strong presence.  Williams' work examines the voice of God through different forms; sometimes male, sometimes female.  Coots' works with biological and synthetic materials to explore maternal ancestory through her own personal history.  In this show, the audience will witness a varitey of viewpoints and concepts of "XX" come together and explore individually and through a collaborative piece created by all four artists.   
Exhibit Dates: July 17th - August 29th
Gallery HOP and Opening Reception: July 17th, 5-9pm

Love Calls: Insights of a Former Carmelite Nun   - ​Some moments suspend time in their attempts to help us see the true nature of an experience.

Kimberly Braun found these moments rather curious and in her journey towards understanding this phenomenon, a year was spent in a Carmelite monastery. Emerging from the silence, a calling to mission became apparent, and after achieving a Master's in Theology, She comes to say "yes" to life and Lexington, and to strengthen our ability to hear the language of the heart.

Our phones have become an essential part of our lives, but they can never help us answer the Call To Compassion.

FREE Talk and book signing: June 6th, 6-8pm

Feminine Chant: June 7th, 1pm

​Suggested $10 donation

Lucid Dreaming with Lama Glenn Mullin  - Glenn will share advanced Tibetan meditative exercises to help you achieve Lucid Dreaming. Within the Buddhist Tantric tradition there is great emphasis on using the dream state of being for spiritual and psychological development. Referred to as Lucid Dreaming, these states provide us with a rich opportunity to understand and harness the subconscious mind. This special practice has its origins in "dream yoga", which in the West has been presented as one of the "Six Doctrines of Naropa". Dream yoga is a high meditation practice which is performed by the practitioner within the so-called lucid dream state.

This event will include light refreshments and a signing of "The Practices of the Six Yogas of Naropa" and other books by Lama Mullin.

DATE: Tuesday March 31, 7-9pm​ (seating begins at 6:30)


Everyday Art: Meditation, Contemplative Art, and the Creative Life with Laura Simms  - Laura will Discuss the strong and direct connection between meditation and art—art understood broadly as “making things special.”  We make things special by paying close and respective attention.  The Tibetan meditation master Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, emphasized this in his life and teachings. He inspired practicing artists to create work with both humility and daring, and through this work offer wakefulness to others as an act of generosity.  He inspired those who did not consider themselves artists to regard their lives, work, and relationships as creative ventures, as sources of joy, illumination, and beauty.  He taught that the very awareness practices that relieve suffering also serve as paths to personal peace and peace in the world.  Indeed, such artful living was the basis of establishing enlightened communities and society. This talk precedes the day-long workshop "Finding Your Voice - Finding Your Story" that will be the next day, Saturday Feb 28.

DATE: Friday, February 27, 8pm

FREE OF CHARGE - donations gratefully accepted

Present & Future

WINTER HOURS: (Open LATE til 9pm on HOP nights)

Jan 19: 5pm - 9pm

Jan 20: 1pm - 9pm

Jan 26: 12:00pm - 3pm

Feb 2: 12pm-3pm

Feb 9: 12pm-3pm

38.05°N, 84.50°W - large format photography by David Zurick

The exhibit 38.05°N, 84.50°W explores the topic of sacred geography through a series of black and white, large format photographs recounting the artist’s picture pilgrimage across Tibet and the Himalaya. The Oscar-nominated film director Eric Valli describes this work as “a love story; a wide and long pilgrimage”, and internationally acclaimed literary critic Jonathan Mirsky calls it “evocative, alive, luminous, and masterful.”

The Mill & Max Gallery will also host a free Artist’s Talk, as part of our mission to advance a mindful connection between art and community. Providing a glimpse “behind-the-scenes” into the artist’s process, David Zurick will explain why particular images were made, describe the cutting-edge hybrid technique used to create the prints, and unite the photographs within a broader examination of the idea of “sacred geography”.

Exhibit Dates: February 19th-EXTENDED! March 29th, HOURS 

Opening Reception & Artist’s Talk: February 19th 6pm

Gallery HOP Reception: March 20th 5-9pm




Meditating: Eyes Wide - photography by Ruth Adams 
With this new body of work, Ruth Adams has combined her street photography roots with her meditation practice. “I am fascinated by the details in my immediate surroundings”, says Adams, “but I tend to get pulled out of purely experiencing life by the strong desire to make pictures.” She therefore uses use the camera, in place of a meditation cushion, to slow herself down and to remind her to focus on her everyday environment. Her sitting meditation practice, in return, reminds her to experience her surroundings even while focusing and making it into art. “In the Buddhist tradition that I follow, we meditate with our eyes open. In part, this practice brings the deep state of mental awareness, acuity and presence achieved through meditation into our full life.”
Exhibit Dates: Sept 18th - Oct 29th
Gallery HOP and Opening Reception with the Artist: Sept 18th, 5-9pm

Closing Reception with the Artist: Oct 29th, 5-8pm

BIOLOGICAL ART: a collaborative, interactive exhibit  - When did art and science get divorced?
Re-kindle the love at Biological Art.
Biological Art presents works that spring from the space where science and art mingle. Drawn from the work of University of Kentucky student artists, this show highlights how a collaborative environment forged across disciplines can stoke creativity.  Envisioned as a burgeoning partnership between artists and scientists, this show offers a window into new artistic possibilities and meditations on the ever-evolving role of science in society. 
The exhibit features installations both static and alive. The Opening and HOP Receptions will include performance art and talks by the artists and scientists.

Exhibit Dates: May 2nd - June 14th
Opening Reception & Artists' Talks: May 2nd, 5-8pm
Gallery HOP Reception: May 15th, 5-9pm

Ikebana: artfully joining nature with heart & mind

Brooke Pohl

Rooted in Japanese tradition, the practice of Ikebana helps one to connect fully to self and the world with non-aggression as one attentively explores limitless expression through flowers. Brooke Pohl has been practicing and teaching Sogetsu Ikebana throughout the US and Canada for 25 years.

Exhibit: Jan 16 - 19, 2015

Gallery HOP Reception: Jan 16, 2015

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